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My name is Judy  Davidson. (nee:Pungerchar)

This is where I am posting our family tree.  There are so many people in it that I haven't gone back any further than 2 generations from where I am in that tree.  My generation is the third of five generations that I will try to list here.

I am attempting to build the family tree with pictures that I have or that maybe YOU can provide!  If you have any pictures that you could add, please EMail them to me at jdvdsn@judysweb.com.  Please include any pictures that you would like to see here, along with any full names, birthdates, wedding dates, death dates...any and all information will be greatly appreciated!

Well ....  here we go.  Just click on any name to it follow through the tree.

Click here for a list of all of the people on my Family Tree Web Page, (so far).

Click here for a list of all of the marriages on my Family Tree Web Page, (so far).

This is my Father's beginning.
(Frank William Pungerchar) 

John Pungerchar Wed Mary 

This is my Mother's beginning.
(Clara Gertrude Gursky Pungerchar) 

Stanley Gursky Wed Angeline Zaller

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